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Green tea



Cinnamon sticks

Ground cinnamon

We sell a small selection of our finest organic tea and spices, including:

More about our tea...

Only the bud of the camellia sinensis is picked to produce our quality green tea. Grown in pure organic soil on the foothills of the Singharaja rainforest, our tea flourishes among a rich diversity of other flora and fauna before each bud is handpicked, examined carefully and selected for packaging. It is not merely a hot drink, but an antioxidant, a way of life and a promise to yourself that you will give your body the best.

More about our spices...

Our organic black pepper and cloves are picked, cleaned, sun dried and packed by hand to preserve their full flavour and taste. Our cinnamon is peeled, cleaned, dried and packed or powdered by hand too. The cinnamon trees from which it comes were germinated naturally by birds and other wildlife.


By enjoying our products, you are supporting organic farming as well as the preservation of restoration of the Sri Lankan environment.

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