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Villa homestay

For those in need of rejuvenation, contemplation, or a breather during a busy trip - we take guests in our historic villa.

From our home, you can book a trip to the Sinharaja rainforest, birdwatch, or simply stay still and meditate. We recommend a minimum stay of two nights - and many guests opt for more.

Built around a central courtyard, the house has three bedrooms, a large meditation space, reading room, dining area and courtyard. Guests are able to walk through our 10 acre property and explore the workings of our organic, permaculture farm.

We provide full board if required - fresh, healthy Sri Lankan meals with some ingredients grown in our garden.


As hosts, we can share some thoughts and views about the island's environment, history, spirituality and traditions, including the use of herbs for health.


Contact us for rates and dates.

"Shrawani villa was wonderful - the most memorable stay we had in Sri Lanka. The lush green garden and forest, the house with its inner courtyard, the smell of jasmine on the terrace in the evenings, the spacious elegantly decorated rooms, the mesmerising choice of books in the bookcase, the conversations with Ranjan and other guests in the dining room on ayurveda, permaculture and yoga and the most delicious food - the best in Sri Lanka!"

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